Yoga and Dance: 4 Ways Yoga Boosts Your Tribal Fusion Technique

If you are a tribal fusion or an ATS dancer you might have noticed that most of the dancers of these styles practice yoga as well. I was a dancer first, and through dance, I have discovered the wonders of yoga. Then again, through yoga, I have discovered a whole
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Krysalis Invocation in St. Gallen | Tribal Fusion Sofia

My Invocation Experience: Tribal Fusion Belly Dance in St. Gallen

I am always super excited to attend dance workshops. These events are great opportunities to learn lots of new stuff. Likewise, meeting new people and sharing our experiences is extremely valuable. And traveling is also always nice. This time, however, I had even more reasons to be hyped. During the
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Manca Pavli meditates in a field of red flowers | Tribal Fusion Sofia Blog

Manca Pavli: Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Radiates True Feminine Power

Manca Pavli is a renowned tribal fusion belly dance instructor, choreographer, performer, and much MUCH more. She is based in Ljubljana (Slovenia), where she runs her dance and yoga studio and directs her dance company. Previously, Manca was the teaching assistant of Rachel Brice, for many years, at the annual
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Sighreen performing at Care Dance March 2019 | Tribal Fusion Sofia

Care Dance March: Dancers Raise Funds in Sofia and Pay It Forward

Care Dance March is a non-profit manifestation that unites dancers and performers around charitable causes. Tribal Fusion Sofia started and hosted the very first edition of Care Dance March on the 2nd of March 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria. During the first Care Dance March, visitors have seen tribal fusion, contemporary,
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Melli Sarina _ Silvia Orchidaceae at Sofia Tribal Fest _ Tribal Fusion Sofia

Sofia Tribal Fest: Join the first Tribal Fusion Belly Dance fest in Sofia

Sofia Tribal Fest; Organized by Tribal Fusion Sofia; 25-27 October 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria; Workshops with Melli Sarina and Silvia Orchidaceae (register here, and see below how to book your workshops) When I started out almost two years ago, I could have never imagined that I will have the honor
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Tribal Fusion Sofia group (Бели Денс в София, България)

Tribal Fusion Sofia: Hello world! (how & why I started)

Hello, my dear, and welcome to my first post on Tribal Fusion Sofia Blog! I am very happy to “see” you here and am very excited to have a chance to tell you our story. It is about how a group of enthusiastic and dedicated girls started a grassroot Tribal
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