Care Dance March is a non-profit manifestation that unites dancers and performers around charitable causes. Tribal Fusion Sofia started and hosted the very first edition of Care Dance March on the 2nd of March 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

During the first Care Dance March, visitors have seen tribal fusion, contemporary, cabaret, popping, fusion, etc. While most of the performers were adults, two children dancing groups also took part.

Why have we decided to start Care Dance March?

Why we started Care Dance March

As I mentioned on the Tribal Fusion Sofia homepage, we know that it can be hard succeeding alone. As many other artists and performers – we too have been through the struggles. Everyone needs support in pivotal times of our lives. And one can never know if the next pivotal moment is just around the corner – for better or worse.

This is why we believe in the “pay-it-forward” philosophy. If you have a chance to do a good deed to anyone else – you should go for it. That is how kindness and positive energy spread like waves, rippling through our society.

On another hand, dance is capable of sending powerful messages to audiences. Hence, we – performers – are able to influence masses, send messages, and radiate our values. Even if only for a short while, during a stage performance.

As artists, doing good is a part of our ethos. Moreover, it is our responsibility. Hence, I have decided to reach out to the local dancing and artistic community. I told them about my idea, and was overwhelmed by positive feedback and support.

What’s in a name?

The name of the manifestation – Care Dance March – is a combo of its mission, the channel, and a play of words. “Care” obviously emphasizes its charitable nature. “Dance” stands for the channel by which us (the artists) mobilize the audience to partake, and send the message. Finally, “March” refers to the month of the first edition (March 2019).

However, all together, Care Dance March reads in the imperative form. We (and you) should care, dance, and march! We (both dancers and the general public) should care about each other; channel our energy (dance); and, finally, do something about what we care most about (march for the cause).

Pretty cool, right? 🙂

Care Dance March 2019 cause

The very first goal of Care Dance March was to support a little girl named Ani. For about six years, her parents battle to preserve her eyesight. We have noticed Ani’s parents have started an online fundraiser, to finance a surgery in one of the clinics in Russia. We decided to help – as much as we can – in spreading the word, and in raising funds for the cause.

(To date of this writing, as far as we are aware, Ani’s parents are still raising funds. You can also join in, and help them out as much as you can. Thank you for your kindness)

Local participants and international guests

I cannot emphasize enough how important were all the participants and the guests of the manifestation. Not only that they helped in creating the program. Moreover, they have been very active in promoting the cause and attracting the audience.

In addition to all the dancers, I want to thank Estee White (Ести Уайт Фотография) for her relentless support. Photos that you see here are her work.  

(truly, this manifestation would not have been possible without any and all of you – I am eternally grateful)

Dancing Play

Dancing Play is a dance and theater group comprised by children. Art director and choreographer, Tzvetina Matova, said that Care Dance March was a good opportunity to demonstrate to children that art and dance aren’t limited only to aesthetics. Moreover, art can mobilize people around various goals.

Likewise, in Tzvetina’s view, it was a great experience to participate along international performers. You can see one of their performances here

Dancing Play performs Beauty and Soul at Care Dance March | Tribal Fusion Sofia

Kristina Veselinova

Kristina is a longtime dancing enthusiast. She has tried anything from classical ballet to break-dance. At only 8 she started with modern dance and classical ballet, and practiced it until she was 19. Later, she started with street dancing (mainly break) and contemporary dance. Kristina has participated in various domestic and international competitive events.

Enjoy Kristina’s solo performance here.

Funkalicious Crew

Funkalicious Crew is also a children dancing group. Under the guide of Nikolina Todorova, they experiment with various styles, with strong emphasis on hip hop and contemporary dance. Nikolina’s goal is to keep their mind open to various creative directions. As a result, children become better performers, and nurture creativity.

Watch their performance here.

Divinitas Crew

Divinitas Club gathers aficionados dance that involves light and fire. Their elite group, the “Divinitas Crew”, has vast domestic and international experience. At Care Dance March, Mariya Dabova and Lily Yotova presented their “Beautiful Lights”.

Cabaretto Dance Group

Cabaretto Dance Group came from Nis, Serbia to honor our event. Under the guide of Danica Nicic and Jelena (Lili) Mihajlovic, the group trains and performs vivid Cabaret acts.  A few words about the founders:

Danica Nicic

Danica has a wide knowledge of dance in general. She is practically dancing since she was 6. Danica works as an instructor of multiple dance styles (cabaret, oriental, salsa, bachata, kizomba, show dance).

She is also engaged in a play that’s on a regular repertoire in the National Theatre in Nis. Moreover, Danica has assisted the development of number of dance plays. Currently enrolled at the Faculty of sport in Nis, Danica has also acquired her license of a qualified dance judge.

Jelena (Lilly) Mihajlovic

Jelena has taken dancing seriously from a very young age. Her primary discipline is Latin and Ballroom dance, in which she competed actively for twelve years.

Nowadays, Jelena is highly regarded as a versatile dancer, with many competitions under her belt. Likewise, she choreographs and co-directs dance theater performances in the National Theater of Nis.

Finally, Jelena is an instructor, trainer, and choreographer in several disciplines (cabaret, modern ballet, hip-hop, Argentine tango), in a renown dance studio “Swing” in Nish.

She considers the art of dance to be her calling and passion. Jelena firmly believes in benefits, power and social importance of dance.

Shahira Dance

Shahira School of Dance is teaching oriental belly dance in Sofia. The school mixes belly dance with acting and suggestopedic elements. According to Katerina Borisova – the founder and leading instructor of “Shahira” – this helps dancers to relax. In turn, that boosts their creativity and lets the feminine side shine.

In addition to the classic egyptian style belly dance, “Shahira also offers more modern variations (e.g. dancing with fan veils). See Shahira’s performance here.

Gudie Mido (Berlin) was also one of our international guests. She is a Fusion Dancer who turned to dance in order to heal her back pain. Gudie claims that Tribal Fusion belly dance helped tremendously.

Urban and Hip Hop dance were Gudie’s interests since her teen age. Later, she has discovered (Tribal) Fusion Bellydance. Nowadays, Gudie mostly trains and enjoys Popping Style.

Over the last 8 years, Gudie has attended a number workshops, dance classesand intensives. Moreover, she has been teaching regular classes and workshops for over 3 years. Gudie has learned from renowned dancers of the ‘Tribal Fusion’ and Fusion Belly dance scene. As a solo dancer, she gained experience and exposure in Germany, EU and Mexico.

“Thank you Tribal Fusion Sofia, and thank you Sandra for inviting me to be a part of this amazing event. Personally, I love performing at charity events, because it gives a higher purpose to all that I (and we) do.”

Tribal Fusion Sofia

Likewise, our little group was also a part of this amazing dance company. We have been training and dancing in Sofia over two years (as of the date of this writing). You can read more about us and our story here.

Back in my Zeina days (Belly Dance School from Nis, Serbia), I have taken a part in a few dance charity events. It was the right time to continue doing so in Sofia as well.  

You can see our group performance here.

Sighreen performs Brutal Hearts at Care Dance Matrch | Tribal Fusion Sofia

Results, and future events

I was very happy to see the audience nearly filling out the venue. Likewise, I was very glad that both the audience and performers enjoyed a lot. Especially the children – they were observing their older stage colleagues with much curiosity and admiration. And we were admiring the children for their dedication and passion.

The event was cash-positive, and we have promptly transferred entire profit to Ani’s fundraising account. We are praying for her, and hope she manages through her moments of struggle.

Finally, this is our call to all fellow dancers to joins forces for future events and charities. If you would like to join us in Sofia, you can contact us via our website, or via [email protected].

For more news, make sure to follow our blog. Until the next time, stay well.

Tribally yours,


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